Saturday, 27 July 2013

Making Limoncello - Stage 1 - {ick Lemons from the garden

The Kids report for duty in the garden for lemon picking!

No no no!!... thats the tangerine tree - we've got no idea what to do with these!! - they taste revolting

off to the lemon tree.....

So with quite a decent number of lemons ripe on the tree, we have decided to make some limoncello and Lemon juice ice cubes  - First thing - pick 50 lemons

Friday, 19 April 2013

Autumn arrives

Settling in to our first fire of the year. And talking of a second Christmas in July!!.. Bring on the chestnuts

Sunday, 17 March 2013

School of Mum and dad now turns to business studies

The 'School of Mum and Dad' is back!!....

Now that the kids have gone back to school, and we are no longer on the road, it would have been easy to close the school, but instead we have taken the idea to a different level!

The kids have opened a little import business which takes advantage of the opportunity to import cheaply from China to Australia. After careful consideration and extensive market research, their product choice was yoyos, and having negotiated with a range of chinese factories, a deal was struck to import 100 yoyos all of which are metal alloy with bearings, and come in a range of colours

The yoyos arrived on Tuesday, and have been on ebay for the last 24hrs, 2 sold so far, 98 to go, and the kids are yet to hit the school market!

profit margins, sales strategies and growth plans are all in place! job titles are:

Imogen - Marketing Director
Felix - Sales Director
Dad - Data Entry and Finance
Mum - Dispatch & Administrator

Whilst out on the beach last week, Felix asked how many yoyos he would need to sell to get the massive gin palace parked on the bay. - The answer was quite simply 1 yoyo for every child in Australia - He said 'Okay - better get started then'.

Click link to see the product on ebay